1. porschik

    Russian Home Punishment Amateur Video [F/M, M/M, M/F, F/F, belting, whipping, caning, birching]

    Spanking the son for smoking https://upfiles.com/AhTiF
  2. porschik

    Lupus Pictures (Severe Caning Girls)

    Lupus RGE-017 - Detention House 2: ...and justice for nobody Date published: 1/31/2003 Duration: 00:36:58 Resolution: 352x288 Do you consider our production too meek? Or do you miss some of your favorite themes, which have not appeared in our movies yet? Now you can enjoy an extraordinary...
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    Spanking College - Authentic Schoolgirl Tale 2

    Duration: 48:37 Resolution: 492x360 A familiar CalStar domina, who has demonstrated a willing bottom herself, plays a school principal. ‘Felicity Keagan’ knocks and enters the principal’s office. She has been late once too often. Her mother has been called and is on her way. She will be caned...
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