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  1. porschik

    Stella's Naked Punishment - RealSpankingsNetwork

    Duration: 05:51, 04:01 Resolution: 640x360 Miss Betty is instructed to punish Stella for her extreme behavior. She is taken OTK and spanked in The Dean's office. Miss Betty returns with a Lexan paddle that she then applies to Stellas already sore bottom. Stella is left in tears to complete her...
  2. porschik

    Spanking College - Authentic Schoolgirl Tale 2

    Duration: 48:37 Resolution: 492x360 A familiar CalStar domina, who has demonstrated a willing bottom herself, plays a school principal. ‘Felicity Keagan’ knocks and enters the principal’s office. She has been late once too often. Her mother has been called and is on her way. She will be caned...
  3. C

    F/F spanking- OTK, erotic spanking clips

    Annabel Leigh and Gia Gia spanks Annabel for a long time, until Annabel turns the tables and gives it right back. After lots of spanking, Gia is turned on and decides to satisfy Annabel. Download : Annabel Leigh and Gia.avi File Size : 121.38 MB Resolution : 352x240 Duration : 00:16:02...
  4. C

    [K2S&RG] Spanking! Very Beautiful and Disobedient girls!

    Title: Hard Punishment for a Naked Girl Duration: 00:04:55 File size: 108 Mb Format: wmv Download: http://k2s.cc/file/52d6ff0ee0b40/FAM0427.rar https://rapidgator.net/file/387b1c04ab687269296718c4afb940d4/FAM0427.rar.html
  5. shanson

    Spanking Miscellanea

    C4S - 1200 Spanks for Catherine Corbett 130 MB File format: WMV File size: 130 MB Duration: 00:13:19 Resolution: 720x576 http://keep2share.cc/file/30c2c004d4a1f