1. J

    Asian college boy pantsed, his tighty whities exposed

    I kinda have a thing for Asian guys...and this one is really cute. Love seeing guys pantsed too. The shorts bunched up around his feet, and those tighty whities exposed...MMMM. Hope you guys all enjoy him too! Jeremy
  2. J

    Beefy college boy caught with his pants round his ankles

    I think this beefy college boy is really cute. Hot that he doesn't even seem to care that his pants are round his ankles. Now for those boxerbriefs mmmm ;) Enjoy! Jeremy
  3. J

    Drunk boy holding his mate's uncut dick in his hand...

    It looks like they are both quite enjoying it haha. It's not a big dick, but I would enjoy a good feel of it too :P Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  4. J

    Drunk guy drops his pants, exposing his dick to his buds...

    I love how his cute buddy is giving him the thumbs up hehe. I would definitely give it one too! Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend!! Jeremy