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    Bijou - Welcome Home Daddy This Bijou video compilation collects four scenes featuring older, beefy, mustachioed men wrangling and tangling with young bucks. The "daddies" dominate the proceedings with their size, strength, and need to penetrate. Whether paying the paperboy in cock or...
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    Classe de Neige Release Year: 1984 Studio: French Art/Vidiovision A group of young students discover for the first time the joys of winter sports. Enclosed by a monitor and a supervisor they learn the pleasures of pull- Buttocks and dizzy descents. If it is cold in the day, the temperature...
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    Gold Collection Retro Gay Porn Magazines

    Gold Collection Retro Gay Porn Magazines - Part 1 Year: 1970-1995 Genre: Vintage, Retro, Gay Hardcore Magazines Number of Magazines: 21 Collection of old gay porn magazines, mostly American. Most journals in black and white. Enjoy the good old retro! Format: JPG File size: 109.7 MB File...