1. J

    2 country boys shirtless, sagging, and mud covered

    DAMN these guys make my dick hard. I am not sure which one I would go for first haha. What do you guys think? I LOVE country and redneck guys, trailer park guys...and love to see a guy sagging too. I hope you all enjoy too! Take care. Jeremy
  2. J

    Muscular guy wet, shirtless & saggin...Underarmour undies & BULGE showing...

    This guy is SMOKING fucking hot...DAMN. I am not usually into the muscled guys, but this guy is just insanely hot to me. Such a cute face and love those wet sagging shorts...and that BULGE. I hope you guys enjoy him as well. Take care!! Jeremy
  3. J

    Shirtless, saggin frat boys wrestling around, socked feet in the air...

    The shirtless, saggin guy is sexy as FUCK to me. I love the socked feet in the air too...just wish that i had them in my face ;) Let me know what you think guys. Enjoy...and have a happy new year!! Jeremy
  4. J

    Furry chested frat boy posing in low slung saggin shorts

    What a cute guy...and I love that sexy furry chest. A shirtless, sagging guy...seeing just a bit of his underwear like so sexy to me :) Jeremy
  5. J

    Shirtless, saggin college boy laid out & flexing for the camera...

    Damn, this is one CUTE guy. I love getting a peek at his hot hairy pits too. I would love to lick every inch of his sexy body ;) Hope you guys like him too. Take care! Jeremy
  6. J

    3 shirtless, saggin redneck boys posing for the camera

    I think all 3 of them are kinda hot in their own ways, but the guy on the left really gets my dick hard. I would do anything that hot redneck boy wanted me to LOL :P Take care and enjoy guys. Jeremy
  7. J

    Hairy chested redneck boy shirtless & saggin' at the park...

    I think this guy is sexy as hell! Loving the sexy hairy chest...and the way he's strutting around saggin' and all ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
  8. J

    Sweaty, shirtless yard worker flashing his sexy ass...

    Guys like this turn me on BIG TIME. Seeing a sexy, sweaty guy working out in the yard like this...woof :) I would lick every inch of that sexy sweaty body! Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend! Jeremy
  9. J

    2 cute young punks mooning the camera...

    I think the short guy on the right is really cute. I would love to see either one of those sexy asses up close and personal though hehe ;) Enjoy guys, and have a great weekend!! Jeremy