Buying links and banner spots from webmasters’ pages


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Buying links and banner spots from webmasters’ pages.

Hello, webmasters!

What do we need?

We are interested in buying links, also in buying banner spots from your webmasters’ pages or from trade pages of your websites. We need to advertise a hardlink to our program or a banner, size 800x110.

Where do we need it?

If you have all your websites displayed on the one page (network), we would like to buy an ad spot from the page with the list of your websites under header, usually in the block “Traffic Trade Rules” or below the list of your websites.

If you don’t have a network page, we can buy an ad spots from trade pages:


What are we going to advertise?

We advertise our webmaster’s program.


There are 3 ways:

  1. 2,5$ CPM for banner (800х110).

  2. 1$ CPM for hardlink.

  3. Prepaid hardlink for 1 year.
How are we counting?

We will give you an iframe, and counting views using google analitics.


If you are interested in cooperating with us, we are waiting for you:

icq: 650168503;

email: flyflv(.)viktor at gmail