Intporn Forum Rules


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NO underage, NO beastiality, NO rape, NO Incest.

Posting underage material will get you instantly banned and reported.

Please make sure all models are 18+, even non-nude in the amateur sections.

Recommended file-hosts:

Rapidgator - Keep2share (MoneyPlatform) - FilesMonster (Content-Cooperation) - FileJoker - FileSpace

(these new file hosts are now up for discussion)

Always include at least one of the recommended hosts when posting downloads. Your downloads must be available for free users, without the need of signing up for anything (including filling out surveys). Always include at least three screenshots and some file information when posting links (like file size, video resolution and duration). Do not use any redirecting or link encryption services, and do not wrap code around your links (all links should be clickable).

Recommended image-hosts:

Imagevenue - Ïmagetwist - ImageBam - pimpandhost

Use the link-code for forums provided by the image-host.

General posting rules

Only post your content once and to the most relevant forum. You are allowed to edit and delete your own posts. Spamming (and scamming) will get you banned, and all your posts will be deleted. You can post your ads to the forum Free Adult Ads. Do not use any automated posting software (or scripts) in this forum. There is no point in hijacking others threads, start your own instead! Don't bump your own threads.

Signature rules

You are allowed up to four links in your signature (normal font size), but you can only link to sites that link back to (this is to avoid signature spam). Only forum moderators are allowed to have advertisements in their signatures.

Post your suggestions for new rules to this thread!

In terms of the rules what if you just became a member due to finding content on this site and seeing many have posted in different threads the same scene..nothing has been stated for the requesting of reuploading I myself just joined this site and came to that discovery for a particular scene that's very rare to get a hold of. Also in terms of the file hosts for the last couple of years I've discovered better ones that are faster for acquiring files without succumbing people to wait endless hours for the current suggestions.