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Im not sure how young your talking but i do get extremely aroused by the amazing bodies these high school girls have these days. I have had an experience a few years ago id like to share as right now im getting a feel of this site as a new member. Incest with my hot petite Mother is my story for years now and other things as well id like to share to the right people. Thanks
Love to hear your story. Mike in Florida
I too have my own treasured collection of young teen girl pictures and sexy short stories (mostly that I've written) that only I can read and enjoy because I'm not supposed to share. Which is a shame because another source of enjoyment is talking to like-minded people about girls and arousal over 'young' girls.
I find writing stories while looking at girl-porn enhances my masturbation hugely.
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I love to see the pale skin depressions left on her legs when she lets me
take her long socks off. They're so deep I can run a wet finger round them.
it's exciting to realise she's not wearing a thong.
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Her two friends are practicing the porniest way to lift their boobs from their bra. It's no way as easy as dropping
your panties! I'm to judge their style.
Patsy -n red - is still obsessed with flashing her memorable mound.

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We talk about what her plans are for the weekend.
She says she has nothing on!
She knows I'm staring at her vagina and I know she's enjoying the attention like she can feel me licking he wet lips.
She looks up and makes it known that she can see my hard cock.
Where do we go from here? . . . .
First, I must put some cream (E45 mixed 1/2& half with my cum) on her whole pussy area where she's been masturbating for so long.

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We've never spoken about undressing for each other - its just something that happened and I'm sure
what she gets out of it is completely different to what I get.
The last thing she will drop on the floor is her panties, knowing that my cock would stiffen because
it knew that she would kneel and take my briefs down. the very last thing was how she made my
cock jump out at her, totally erect, jerking and his head swollen. Oh how we loved and laughed and
shared that secret of ours!
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I would also like to hear your story!