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    Men's Briefs part 1 - GAYS - FM

    Release Year: 2022 Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Big Dicks, Blowjob, Cumshots Video language: English After Johnny has prepped Tristan's ass with his tongue, he works his cock in Tristan's tight ass while JJ continues ramming Tristan's throat. Format: mp4 Duration: 29:46 Video: 3840x2160, AVC...
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    2 college jocks in the lockers, caught in their undies, tall socks & sneakers

    These are the CUTEST guys...damn! They both have really nice long legs too. I have a big thing for socks and sneakers too, so this pic really gets me going. I would totally get down at their feet ANY day haha. Message me any time to chat. Take care, and enjoy!! Jeremy
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    Smokin hot surfer boy caught changing on the beach (9 pics)...

    DAMN! This boy is smoking hot. I would have given anything to have been on the beach when he did this ;) Let me know what you think guys. Happy New Year!! Jeremy
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    Sexy, furry chested straight guy posing in his briefs on the beach

    Mmmmm, now there is a guy that I would love to run into on the beach hehe. Love his cute face and that SEXY furry chest. I would love to see what he's packing in those sexy briefs. Enjoy! Jeremy
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    Cute Asian college boys goofing off in their underwear (2 pics)

    These are some damn CUTE guys! I kinda have a thing for Asian guys, and these definitely make my dick hard. Really love the one of the guy with his briefs pulled up his crack, showing off that smooth sexy ass! Let me know what you think guys. Have a wonderful day!! Jeremy
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    Str8 jock passed out in skin tight, bulging briefs

    What I wouldn't do to wake up next to this damn sexy man. He would not be getting much sleep if I was in there with him haha. Hope you all enjoy him too! Have a great day :) Jeremy
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    Drunk str8 guy stripped to TINY briefs...with his dick pulled out the fly!

    This guy is pretty fucking CUTE in a kinda goofy way. He looks like he would be a cock fucker. Not a big dick, but still hot to see it on display hehe. Some damn sexy feet too! Enjoy guys! Jeremy
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    Asian college boy pantsed, his tighty whities exposed

    I kinda have a thing for Asian guys...and this one is really cute. Love seeing guys pantsed too. The shorts bunched up around his feet, and those tighty whities exposed...MMMM. Hope you guys all enjoy him too! Jeremy
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    Drunk frat boys piled up in their undies, flexing their arms...

    Damn, what I would not give to be in this pile!! These are dome DAMN cute and sexy guys. Love the undies...and that guys socks too hehe. Let me know what you think guys! Jeremy
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    2 hot college guys in briefs and soccer socks

    I have a thing for socks...and this is one damn sexy picture :) I hope you all enjoy them as well! Jeremy
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    HOT frat boy in skin tight, bulging Underoos

    I am amazed he was able to pack himself into those tiny things. I wish I could have watched him do it mmmm. Hope you like him too guys. Have a great weekend! Jeremy
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    5 young Russian guys laid out in their legs and feet :)

    There are some really CUTE guys in this bunch...and a lot of very sexy legs and FEET mmm :) Hope you guys enjoy these cuties too! Jeremy
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    HOT college boy showing off a BIG, hard bulge in his briefs...

    DAMN this is one HOT boy. I would love to rub my hands all over that sexy hairy chest...then find out what he's got hiding in those BULGING briefs mmm. Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy
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    3 goofy str8 boys showing off their bulging undies...

    I love straight boys showing off their undies...especially when you can see the bulges in side ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
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    Frat boy stripped to soaking wet white briefs...

    I love to see a hot guy in briefs...even hotter when they are soaking wet and almost see through ;) Looks like this one has quite a nice package up front! Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
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    Soccer jock showin off his white briefs & sexy hairy legs...

    DAMN...those are some VERY SEXY, hairy legs...LOVE it! I wish he would have let a little more hang out of those sexy little briefs tho ;) Take care and enjoy guys! Jeremy
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    Group of hot guys goofin around in Speedos & sandals...

    I think the guy on the left is a VERY sexy man. I love that he's got a little meat on him...and has that sexy hair on his chest. Since I have a foot and sock fetish, I love a lot more about this pic too haha. Hope you guys enjoy them too. Have a great weekend!! Jeremy
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    3 young Russian guys in wet, skin tight, bulging undies...

    I think that all of these guys are pretty damn hot. I love the one on the right though...and it looks like he has quite a NICE bulge going on inside his wet boxerbriefs. Take care and enjoy guys. E-mail me any time!! Jeremy
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    College boy pulls his dick & balls out the leg of his briefs...

    Who knows just why he decided to pull out his dick and those nice big balls...I am just glad that he did hehe. Enjoy guys...and have a great weekend!! Jeremy
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    Drunk str8 boy in bulging wet boxerbriefs...

    DAMN that is one hot boy...and it looks like he has quite a package too ;) Take care and enjoy guys!! Jeremy