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Well here is one that I have had for awhile now in this one I am the dominant woman to a slave man.

He would show up at my door and knock. When I open the door he is kneeling on the stoop holding a collar up for me to fasten around his neck. I attach a leash to the collar and jerk the leash so that he will follow me inside. I tell him to strip as I leave the door open he turns red in the face and begins stripping. When he is done his cock is so hard it hurts and I tell him to turn around and shut the door, little does he know that my neighbor is just outside watching him and his tight ass.

He turns around and shuts the door…when he faces me again his face is so red with embarrassment I tell him to kneel and to follow me.

I lead him into my bedroom and tell him to lay down on his back on the bed spread eagle. I secure his hands to my bedpost and place a blindfold over his eyes so that he cannot see what is going to happen to him. I can tell that he is getting anxious as he is waiting to see what I will do. I lean over him and brush my hair gently against his chest and take his nipple into my mouth till it is pebble hard. I reach over and place a nipple clamp on his nipple and he groans with the pain. I do the same treatment to his other nipple. I then attach a chain to the nipple clamps so that I can freely tug on them to inflict some discomfort.

I reach my hand into my panties where my cunt is soaking wet and I plunge my fingers in and out of my cunt and put my fingers up to his mouth and tell him to lick them clean. He would eagerly lick and suck on my fingers…I do this three times before I grow tired of my game. I remove my panties and crawl up his body till my dripping cunt is right above his face. He can smell my cunt and opens his mouth in anticipation. I lower my cunt to his waiting mouth and tell him to give me the best oral of my life. I also tell him that if I am not pleased that he will be punished. He tries he really does but as I take a long time to cum as is my way I turn around and start placing clothespins on his ball sack (shaved as per my request) He goes faster as he knows that I will not stop at one clothespin pretty soon I have his balls covered in 7 clothespins and I lower my head and start sucking his cock to take away some of the pain.

I gently bite the tip of his cock….and take it deep in my throat. He is moaning against my wet pussy and tries to beg for more. I tell him that yes he will get more. I remove my cunt from his face and tell him that since he likes fucking so much it is my turn. I tell him to bend his knees and lift them towards his head. I walk over to my drawer and grab some lube that I have there just for this special occasion. I rub some lube liberally over his tight asshole and he begs me to not fuck him…..and I say but I want to . He keeps begging and I tell him to be quiet or I will use the big vibe on his ass instead of the little one that I planned on using. I stick a finger in his ass and he moans in pleasure not in the pain that he was expecting. I insert two fingers and move them around slowly scratching him so my vibe will fit in there. I withdraw my fingers and insert the vibe in his ass when it is in all the way I start pumping his ass with my vibe till he is begging me to let him cum. I tell him no he may not cum yet. Then I grab a leather harness and strap the vibe into is ass so that it does not come out. I then tell him to lower his legs and I climb on top of him again with the vibe humming in his ass. I lower my tight cunt onto his rock hard cock and as he is fucking my cunt I start removing the clothespins one at a time.

The pain is terrible but between the vibe and fucking me he barely notices it…he must get me off before he may cum or the consequences will be unthinkable. He begs me to cum and I tell him that he knows the rules.

As I am almost ready to cum he hollers and starts swearing as he has cum before me. I tell him that he is going to be punished as I have not yet gotten off. His punishment will be determined after my shower.

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For a period of several years I was an assistant in a shared a small studio / office with another guy. He had a young daughter who was still at school
After school She would come to the office and wait till her dad finished work when they would drive home together.
It was my job to keep her entertained till home- time. Often she would have homework to do with which I would help her, but we found a lot of time when we could talk privately.
One day she confessed she was unhappy with how her body was 'not happening'
I told her what my sister had told me that she had learned at school: that putting my cum on her tits and pussy would make them attractive to boys.
“Wow! But where did I get the cum? Did your sister tell you that?”
“Well, I didn’t need telling cos I donated my cum to her”
“Wicked! Would you donate your cum for me?”
“I’d love to, but how would we manage it, I mean I can’t do it here, can I?"
"Couldn't you squirt it into a little pot so I can take it home and put it on before I go to sleep?"
ATTENTION. the text is written with the translator. If you find errors, be understanding. try to understand it.. I hope there aren't too many mistakes.
I think my dirty secret is too incredible..
I live in a large farmhouse with my husband and near our apartment is my husband's grandfather's apartment. before I got married I went to his grandfather's house to help him with the housework. The elderly gentleman, about 68 years old, had a cut wound on his hand, and so through village acquaintances they asked me to help out with lunch... (I hadn't met my husband yet.)
so after a week of helping that nice gentleman, he courted me. days pass and he asks me an indecent question. If I had ever had sex..! I replied no, I had a difficult situation and I didn't want to. He told me that he would solve all my financial and love problems. he would have taken away all my fears.. we stayed talking for quite a while.. then certain conversations that followed made me relax a little until I started taking off my shirt and he sat in front of me on the sofa and encouraged me with words of comfort . He told me that I shouldn't be afraid of him, and after another 3 minutes I also started taking off my pants and stood with my underwear in front of him. he wanted to see me better. and so I told him as a provocative gesture that now it was his turn to take off his trousers... he stood up, lowered his trousers and remained seated.
I could see that he was excited and while I look at his package he gets up and lowers his underwear too and sits down again and tells me to come closer, not to be afraid... he gently takes my hand and I come closer and he tells me that I have a beautiful body and he asks me if I'm scared. While I nod my head no, I wasn't afraid, he kisses my navel. These gestures made me want to take away all my fears. after a few kisses that I received in the belly I see that the temptation to see under my panties was high, so I tell him that he could lower them. he doesn't have to be told twice. he lowers my panties down to my ankles and I lift them up to remove the last piece that was covering me. while his hands were touching my ass I take courage and finally touch his intimate part to complete his erection. just the contact of my hands was enough to make him hard... so I kneel in front of him, the courage and desire becomes stronger, so while he leans with his back I open my mouth as wide as I can and let the tip of my penis enter his big cock deep down. I start licking the tip while I feel it in my mouth. I hear his moans and I imagine that soon I will also feel the taste of his seed.. before he comes, however, I have to satisfy my pussy too.. so I detach myself and get up to straddle myself in front of him with a satisfied face he understands that I want to go further.. while the tip of his cock touches my slit I start to push it little by little more and more inside and I whisper to him to be slow for my virginity.. I try to push it inside with back and forth movements but my pussy it's too narrow so we move to his bed and I position myself with my stomach up, spreading my legs while he above me tries to do the rest. after having also licked my slit covered in black hair he begins to push his cock inside me and little by little I feel more and more possessed by a strong orgasm that makes me moan along with him. after I don't know how many minutes he tells me he's about to come, and so I signal to him that I'm ready and while I feel him coming inside I feel a sensation of pleasure. once the moans of pleasure are over, I slowly see his big cock coming out of my pussy with a mix of sperm and blood.
We look at each other and, satisfied with my smile, he understands that I enjoyed enjoying and losing my virginity with him. However, you cannot imagine his satisfaction at having had sex with a virgin girl who was just eighteen years old..